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About Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree was founded in Athens, Ohio in the summer of 2004. It was started with all of the same philosophies and principles that we uphold today. We take pride in providing the Athens community with the highest-quality workmanship, sustainable design, and expertise in the green industry.

It is our goal at Joshua Tree to positively affect our local and world community through professional, ethical, and artistic landscape design and construction. We create with the Earth and sustainability in mind, building and planting with integrity while creating green spaces that last lifetimes.


Our Process

The gardens and landscapes we design are woven holistically as complete ecosystems from the soil up. We listen to and observe the needs of the areas we are working in and let the space help direct our creations. Joshua Tree utilizes a range of site-appropriate plants that thrive here in Southeastern Ohio. We are educated about the negative effects of invasive species and choose not to use them in our designs. We use locally-harvested (naturally rot-resistant and chemical free) wood and locally sourced materials for our outdoor applications. We are proud to be Athens' only chemical-free lawn and landscape company.

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Ecological Design

Athens' only landscaping company specializing in non-insvasive plants and chemical-free practices.

Custom Estimates

We're passionate about creating beautiful greenspaces; we'd love to talk about your project.

Professional, friendly service

Again and again, people choose us for our professional yet down to earth approach.

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The Finishing

We strive to get every detail just right to blend the natural world seemlessly into human habitats. 

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Create your dream outdoor space.
Tell us about your project today.

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